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Work Wear Laundry and Rental

It’s up to you. You can rent or buy.

We offer a work wear service with a choice of hard wearing, quality garments at prices that will be hard to beat!

Choose products that are right for your business.

Industrial Work Wear Rental

Industrial Work Wear Rental

A full range of solutions

Rent or purchase to suit your cash flow and budget.

  • We offer a range of solutions so you can ensure that your business needs are met
  • Already own your garments? Want to buy them yet still use an industrial laundry facility? A lot of our customers do…
  • Want to rent your garments, save on cash flow, but don’t want an inclusive laundry facility? We can rent to you and only charge you for the laundry you use…

Want a cost effective, all inclusive service of garment rental, laundry and cleaning  with all repairs, alterations and logoing thrown in for free? You’ve come to the right place!

Our laundry facilities in Tauranga and Rotorua use modern machines to ensure that your work wear is clean, repaired and returned to you. We promise not to keep you waiting and we promise not to lose your work wear.

We offer local laundry facilities and do not send your laundry off to some distant part of New Zealand.  Consequently our staff get to know you and your laundry very well.

“We have been using Onyx Commercial Laundry for a few years now, and have found them to be very reliable and easy to deal with.”

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